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Lindsey Rey

life in a handbasket to hell

11 February 1983
"when she gets to heaven she wants to sing bass just like johnny cash" (kinderdoll).
altars, anne sexton, aquarius, arctic, art, baths, being cold, being in love, blessed mother mary, blizzards, blue veins, body modification, bohemian lifestyle, books, broken dreams, buddhism, calico cats, canada, chicago, cold weather, collyridianism, contemplation, contemplative prayer, corsets, czechoslovakia, darkness, daydreaming, december, deep thinking, depression, divine feminine, earth based spirituality, emotions, ernest shackleton, erotica, falling apart, falling snow, february, free tibet, french, frost, frozen, glass bottles, goddess spirituality, haiku, hair ribbons, happiness, history, hope, hugs, ice, icebergs, icicles, ikea, indie films, insomnia, intimacy, iowa, january, johnny cash, journaling, kisses, learning, letters, life, listening, literature, loss, love, lust, lyrics, marquis de sade, masturbation, meditation, melancholy music, memories, midnight, mississippi river, moon phases, mother mary, mother nature, music, natural living, night, old ways, pale skin, philomariantes, philosophy, poetry, polar bears, prayer, pro-choice, psychology, quotes, rape, reading, religion, rituals, river rat, scars, scarves, self-injury, silence, simplicity, skeleton keys, sleeping, snow, snow crystals, snow globes, snow storms, snowflakes, solitary, spirituality, suppressed emotions, tattoos, theology, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tibet, tibetan buddhism, touch, traveling, trees, ursus maritimus, vegetarian, vintage, virgin mary, walking, water, wine, winter, winter nights, witchcraft, writing